But First.. Skincare!

Hello! My name is M’Cayla. I like vacations with my hubby, animal humor, and wine.. and hot cheetos.. I am basically a lover of all of the things. I was thinking about doing a whole post on ‘getting to know me’ but I figure it would be more interesting to learn about me through each new post. What’s life without a little suspense?

I wanted to do my first post about something I am recently VERY passionate about. Skin care! I used to think washing your face and using toners and oils and moisturizers was just a way for companies to make more money. I will be the first to say, I was 150% wrong on that. All of those products are a complete game changer. With the right products that work for you and being consistent is all you need for a clearer more beautiful face. Like more beautiful than you already are! I have been very blessed and my skin is pretty clear, a few breakouts here and there. But I have STILL noticed a drastic change and I thought I would share the goodness with all of you. A little goes a long way with each of these products and I purchased all of them off Amazon! I will put a link to each product at the end of this post.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! These steps should be completed both morning and night. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s so worth it! It only takes about 10-15 minutes out of your entire day and your future self with thank you!

First, you’ve gotta wash your face with a cleanser.. duh! I like the EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser. It’s a gentle enzyme cleanser that is pH Balanced and oil free. It’s good for sensitive skin and the foaming feature really helps the dirt and dead skin lift off your face! I just use 1 pump and rub in circular motions around my face and neck for 30 seconds. I don’t use a fancy brush because I honestly don’t think it’s necessary!

Next, I like to use Thayer’s Witch Hazel – Rose Petal. I was trying to find a face toner that wasn’t 10 million dollars. After googling and googling, I found that a lot of people used this product. It. Is. Amazing. I pour a little bit on a cotton ball and put it all over my face and neck. Cleansers tend to make your face feel kind of tight and this really takes that away and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth!

Side note: Make sure you’re letting each step ‘dry’ for a minute or so. I found this helps it from feeling like I have a bunch of product caked on my face! And it really gives your skin time to absorb all of the goodness.

Now.. now it is time for some sprays. To be honest I didn’t even know a facial spray was a thing. But anyways, apparently these two products are pretty popular, and for a dang good reason! The next step is the Mario Badescu sprays. I first use the Green Tea w/Cucumber (let dry) and then the Rose Water! These sprays feel very light and refreshing on your skin.

Next step is moisturizer. I use the Hymed Hylunia – Original Reconstructive Cream. This one is a little bit more expensive BUT I mean it when a little goes a long way. I use a pea size amount for my face and neck! This moisturizer goes on like butter and makes your face feel so hydrated and smooth.

‘Smoother than a babies bottom’… name that movie! Anyone? No? Alright moving on.

The final step is a serum. I use the ECO. Rosehip Oil – It’s made in Australia so obviously it’s good. I use a full pump at night and half a pump in the morning. I don’t want to look TOO oily when I show up to work! I like to massage this on my face for a minute or so just to stimulate the skin and make sure it’s rubbed in real nice like! But remember to be gentle, with light pressure in circular motions.

That’s basically it! OH! Then every few days I like to use a dead sea mud mask. This would go after cleansing your face. Even if you don’t follow these exact steps and products, just find what works for you! Find the products you do like and stick to it.These are just some of the products that work for me! Like all things in like, you just need to be consistent and good things will follow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time!

xoxo, cakes

Links For Products:

Cleanser: http://a.co/f7Y7pUd

Toner: http://a.co/8FfLkIE

Face Sprays: http://a.co/2nyTEXB

Moisturizer: http://a.co/89KmwiX

Serum: http://a.co/2x8o5YP

Mud Mask: http://a.co/bdEBmQJ


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