*hair flip* – My HAIRtamin Review

One of the things I really love, especially during summer time, is having long hair. Unfortunately, growing out your hair can be very difficult. If you’re like me and have ZERO patience, it can get really frustrating and some days you just want to shave it all off. Or you will cut it to a shorter length when it gets to that awkward stage where you can’t even wear it down and end up regretting cutting it all over again.

Fortunately I discovered HAIRtamin – A magical vitamin that actually helps your hair grow! I have tried taking just biotin alone and I feel like I never got the results I really wanted.. especially not in a timely fashion like I wanted either. The biotin I took a few years ago ended up just making me break out. The pimples came faster than the long luscious hair! Definitely not what I was going for.

When I first started taking HAIRtamin I was pretty skeptical. I thought I would get the same results of plain biotin but lose more money this time around, but the complete opposite happened! I did end up spending more money BUT it was 100% worth it. Within the first month I noticed my hair got a lot thicker. Month 2, it started getting longer – Noticeably longer! Even my hairstylist noticed and asked what I was doing. I also noticed my skin looked brighter and my nails actually started growing out longer and thicker!

Here were my results after 3 months!!!

To say I was obsessed with it would be an understatement. My hair was shinier, so much thicker, and finally manageable. I feel like before HAIRtamin I had the hardest time brushing through my hair sometimes. Finally, I felt like I could brush through my hair, wet or dry, without cringing as the bristles slid through.

Now here.. here is my 6 month results!!

What I would recommend doing, is buy a 1 month supply and see how you like it. Take it everyday around the same time each day. If you feel like you like it and it’s something you want to try long term, buy the 3 month supply! You save more money the bigger bundles you buy!

TIP: I highly recommended taking this with food. I noticed if I took it on an empty stomach I would get a bad headache and just feel kind of.. blah. When I did eat with it I didn’t feel a single thing. So don’t forget to snack before or right after taking it!

One last thing, it’s available for men too! I obviously haven’t tried that specific product but I’m sure it works the same!

I am no way endorsed or sponsored by HAIRtamin, I just really loved their product! Give it a try and let me know how you like it! I would love to hear back from you if you end up giving it a try!

xoxo, cakes


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