3 Tips To Staying Positive

Hello, Beautiful People! I wanted to share a topic that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Positivity. As a disclaimer I just want to say this is so so hard for me most days. I am not the most positive person and my husband often reminds me to look at the positive (so thankful for him). To be honest, I learned these tips from him.

I don’t know why I tend to lean on the more negative side, because I have been extremely blessed. I just catch myself wandering off into negativity or thinking negative thoughts and I have to grab my attention back and say ‘what in the hell are you thinking? Be positive, you have a great life!’. But I just wanted to say that prior to my tips and say that I don’t have all the secrets.

I feel like I have always been more of a, I don’t know, a pessimist? I hate even typing that out because I really try so hard to be positive and see the good in every situation. I guess some days are just harder than others.

Here are my 3 top tips I use daily to try and stay positive!

It’s All a Mind Game – Change the way you say things to yourself. It can instantly change the way you view a situation. The power of the human mind is insane and you have so much more control over the things going on in your life than you think. Instead of saying ‘I have to go workout’ say ‘I GET to go workout’ or ‘I have to clean the house’ say ‘I GET to clean the house’. I often have to do this multiple times a day, it can be tough. However, it really puts your blessing into perspective. Not everyone is as blessed as you are to be able to go workout, or go grocery shopping, or even putting gas in your car. And you know what’s so funny?! As I am writing this I realized I always say ‘Ugh! I have to go get gas’ Haha! But I should be saying I GET to. Some people don’t even have a house they can clean or a car (or funds) to fill up their tank. Whatever you’re needing to do, just remember you GET to do those things and there is someone out there less fortunate who would give anything for the opportunities that you have. ♥

Be Grateful – Start your morning off with AT LEAST 3 things you’re grateful for. This one is a real game changer. It’s the secret ingredient for happiness. Before you get on your phone, or turn on the TV or whatever it is that’s your thing in the mornings.. name 3 things you’re grateful for. It can be about anything, just list them off in your head. Bonus points if you write them down! I have even set a reminder on my phone to go off every morning that says ‘Name 3 Things You’re Grateful For’ and I do. Some mornings I’m like ‘oh, I can do it later’ and I ALWAYS forget. I notice a drastic difference the days I don’t take the time to say what I’m grateful for. Noticing and expressing what you’re grateful for really makes you look at your day differently. Everyday is a blessing. The days may be long but the years are short. Take the few minutes each morning to say what you’re grateful for, and thank me later! 😉

Let That Shit Go – dwelling is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. If something is bothering you or something annoying happens, let that ish go! Of course take the time to either talk it out or take the time you need to deal with it, but when you’re done then it’s done. Dwelling will turn a 15 minute annoyance into a full day of it. The moment you decide to let it go, you will feel so much better. It’s kind of a freeing thing. Life is too short to spend time angry or holding grudges. Just let that shit go, y’all.

There you have it! If this just helps at least one person work towards a more positive life, then this post will be worth it. The moment you choose to be happy and positive, since they are a choice, I promise the things you’re reaching for will come your way.

xoxo, cakes

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