Beauty At Your Door

“How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin – that’s what really makes you beautiful.” Bobbie Brown


Hello, you beautiful humans! If you’ve seen my Instagram stories lately then you have probably noticed how much I love subscription boxes. I am currently subscribed to three and to be honest I’m probably going to add more! I wanted to wait until I had the subscription for at least three months to do reviews on them to help you decide which ones are best for you! It’s such a fun way to dip your toes into new waters and test out products that you normally wouldn’t think to try. If you’re not a makeup lover then you’re still in luck! These websites don’t just sell makeup –  from skin care to hair products, these websites have so many options to explore!

First, let’s talk Ipsy! I love, love, love that they send their products in such cute and trendy bags. The cost is $10/month and the bag alone is worth it. They have a different one each month with different themes. I love that it’s actually a sturdy bag so I can still reuse it. I put nail polish in one and they are so nice to take on vacation if you don’t have a bigger makeup bag (like me). They also send out sample sized products so they are smaller but it’s a really cheap/fun way to try products before you buy them in a larger quantity! You fill out a beauty profile that asks you questions about your skin tone, hair color, and things like that so it’s personalized for you. They do their best to send out products you’d actually WANT to sample and ones that look good on your skin tone. They send out skincare products, beauty, and hair products! If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you can subscribe to Ipsy here.


The next one is BIRCHBOX. They also send their products in sample sizes. This subscription is $10/month. They ship their subscription in a cute box – hence the name! I personally still keep the boxes and use them to organize makeup. Like, I have one filled with lipsticks and the other with some brushes! I keep my skincare products in one of them so I can easily transfer from place to place! BIRCHBOX also has a beauty profile to fill out BUT they are definitely more specific and ask a lot more questions. They go into detail about your skin texture and skin concerns. They also send out perfume samples so that’s fun too! I haven’t gotten one of those in any other subscription box so it’s nice to get that option. If you want to sign up, then you can buy BIRCHBOX here.


Now, of course, I’m saving the best for last! My absolute favorite subscription box is definitely BOXYCHARM!  They send full size products, so it is a little bit more a month, but just ONE of their full size products pays for the whole month. It’s crazy! Like, in April I got a Dr. Brant’s face mask, that alone would cost $47. It’s a $21/month subscription and April’s box was worth $138!!! They send multiple brushes at a time (like last month I got three new brushes worth $42 and they are AMAZING), beautiful pigmented eye shadow palettes, and really good skincare products. You know skincare is my jam. Like the other two, they also have a beauty profile and they are very good at sending products you’d actually be able to use. If you like getting a good bang for ya buck, you can get BOXYCHARM here.


All three of these subscriptions give you the chance to accrue points towards free products. You can purchase anything that you get each month in the subscription on their website! That’s how you can start getting points for other free products! Each subscription sends a little info card with details on everything you got in your box and how to use them. I love how all of them have a beauty profile that you fill out and it’s honestly such a fun treat each month! I like to wait until I get all three in the mail and then open them at the same time. It’s like Christmas! If you’re worried about not using the products.. don’t stress about it. I promise that you will love any of the three if you subscribe! I don’t think I have received a product yet that I haven’t loved.

If you have been debating on signing up for any of these, like I was, I hope this helps you make your decision. You can even be my twin and sign up for all three and we can, like, talk about it each month together! I do that with my oldest sister about BOXYCHARM and it’s a lot of fun. If you think about it, for all three, that’s only $31/month. Cut out a few trips to Chick Fil A (yum), or skip the Starbucks line a few times and make a coffee at home,  and the subscriptions basically pay for themselves!

I love y’all, thank you for all of the support!

xoxo, cakes

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