7 Deadly Sins – Beauty Tag

Hello, everyone! I have come to learn something about myself that I never thought would be something I’d enjoy, questionnaires. I usually hate answering questions, I’m usually the one to ask the questions! But as the months have gone by, and DMs have come in, I have found I LOVE answering other peoples questions and giving helpful tips. Beauty Tags are no exception to that. I thought joining in on another fun beauty tag would be so enlightening. I found this idea from a fellow blogger named Sarah. Check our her 7 Deadly Sins Beauty Tag too!

Greed: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

My most inexpensive.. all? I can’t think of one specific product that is cheaper than the rest. Almost all of my makeup is drugstore brand, or if I find a killer deal on a more expensive product I will only buy it on sale.

My most expensive product that I buy full priced is the Too Faced Bronzer. Or the PÜR Highlight & Contour palette but I basically got that for free in my BOXYCHARM monthly subscription. I told y’all, mama loves a good sale.

Wrath: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Eyeliner. Is this not the most frustrating product to put on?! It’s a nightmare to get semi-decent.. but when you get it just right on the 500th attempt, it heart warming. A killer winged eyeliner is good for the soul!

Gluttony: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Definitely my Too Faced Matte Bronzer – No, you can’t eat it. But it smells like chocolate and it sure makes you want to eat it. It is made with 100% real cocoa powder so that’s why it smells so yummy! This product goes on so smooth and doesn’t have an orange undertone to it. You can use it as a bronzer all over your face, for contouring, or in the crease of your eyelid as an eye shadow. Love this stuff!

Sloth: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?

I feel like I tend to neglect my lips. I feel like I’m always using chapstick but when I go to put my makeup on, my lips look like I just trudged through the desert for 15 days with no water. Lookin’ real crusty – Oversharing? I found a great lip moisturizer though that I put on while i’m doing my face and it literally heals them right up and by the time I’m done putting my face on, I could apply lipstick with a smooth finish. It’s the Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm – So good and also a sample I got in one of my subscription boxes! The link says it’s a ‘nipple balm’ but I haven’t used it for that.. but to each either own! Maybe it’s good for breastfeeding mamas? I dunno.

Pride: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Highlighter and bronzer – Make me feel all sorts of sassy and cute.

I freaking love a good highlight, I may put way too much on but I love the glittery look. It’s a good way to still wear glitter but not look like I’m 5 while doing it! Then for bronzers, I love the contour look and how it can compliment your natural beauty. It’s also so, so fun to learn new techniques and different tips and tricks. There are sooo many ways to contour and highlight. My favorite palette for this is actually something I got in one of my Monthly Subscription Boxes. It’s the PÜR Sculpture Palette – It is heaven sent. I know I say this about a lot of products.. but it’s so pigmented and the highlighters are so sparkly and have the prettiest peachy undertones to it. It has 2 options for a highlight and 2 options for the bronzer. The bronzer isn’t orange at all either, no matter how much of it you use! It’s a rich chocolatey color and so beautiful on your skin.

Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Uhh.. weird, isn’t this supposed to be a beauty tag? How about ‘What beauty product do you lust towards the most? What beauty product are you passionate about?’ Yeah.. I’m gonna go with that question. The product I’m most passionate about is mascara and mascara primer. I’m obsessed. My eye lashes definitely take the longest out of my makeup routine to finish. Is it weird that long, thick, luscious eye lashes make me happy? I think not.

My all time favorite mascara that I always come back to is L’Oreal Paris Voluminous in the blackest black they have. It goes on so smooth and doesn’t leave my eye lashes clumpy, no matter how many coats I put on. I find with this I also don’t get any fall out in the crease under my bottom eye lid throughout the day. My favorite, cheaper option, for mascara primer is another L’Oreal product. The L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Primer. Just a thin layer of this stuff really helps your mascara go on better and definitely helps with length! Also, my eye lashes get so wonky because I sleep with my whole face in  my pillow, when I wake up my eye lashes are pushed in all different directions. If I put this primer on before my mascara, it helps straighten them out better. When I don’t use the primer, I notice my mascara perms my eye lashes in the many different directions and no matter how hard I try to move them around, they stay.

Envy: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

I kind of don’t like this question either.. I’m going to change it to ‘What items do others have that you don’t yet that you’d like to get your hands on?’ – Hopefully it’s alright I’m changing the questions.. does this thing have rules and regulations? I feel like ‘what someone else has’ is more envious than what gift you’d want, right? Anyways, all of these fancy ladies with the Tom Ford bronzer brush ($115+ for one brush) and the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation (I don’t know about you but $50 for foundation just sounds cray), I envy those ladies. I’m sure the products are dang good but as of right now, I will envy that they have those things until I have the guts, and funds, to splurge.

I genuinely had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I now tag all of you reading this to do this challenge as well, tag me so I can read yours too!

xoxo, cakes

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