My Updated Skincare Routine

“Glow is the essence of beauty” -Estée Lauder 

Hi y’all! Remember me? I don’t know what’s been up with me lately but I just haven’t had an ounce of creativity or motivation in me. Aren’t funks the worst? But I feel recharged and motivated again and that’s what funks are for, to teach you all of the things. I thought the perfect way to start back up again would be how I started in the first place, skincare. If you’ve been following my corner of the internet then you know I am obsessed with skincare and all things beauty. I have made a few changes.. actually the whole routine is different so I want to update you on what I have been using and LOVING. It has been clearing up my skin SO well and my skin has never looked better. I do this routine morning and night. Sometimes in the morning if I’m not in the mood to cleanse my face, I will just use a makeup remover wipe (I get them at Costco, they are the only ones I have used and liked) and then start with step 2.

First, I start with the First Aid Cleanser. This stuff is amazing! It bubbles up really well and really gets deep down in your pores and cleans them out. I can notice a difference in my pores after I wash it off. It’s gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin. I love that it’s fragrant free so there aren’t any added scents or chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin. I don’t use or have a brushy thing, I can’t remember the name right now.. so. Yeah I don’t have one and I don’t think it’s needed with this product.

Then I use the First Aid Cleansing Pads. These bad boys are a miracle worker. They are really good for exfoliating and I feel like it really helps get off any leftover dirt, makeup, or oil that I may have missed while cleansing. I like to use the bumpy side first all over my face and neck and then flip it over and use the smooth side and use it all over again. I struggle a lot with an oily t-zone AND dry patches on my skin so this gentle exfoliating step has played a huge role in helping calm my skin down. I’m not nearly as oily and my dry patches are gone! Exfoliation is a very important part in skincare. It helps get dry skin off and believe it or not, have a huge part to play in reducing oily skin.

For the next step I have been switching back and forth between two products to tone my skin. Just depends on my mood! I will either use the Tula Toner or Thayer’s Witch Hazel. They both do amazing things and I’ll break down both of them. The Tula product is more of a thick gel like consistency. I use 2-3 pumps on a cotton ball and put it all over my face. It has beetroot in it and helps gently exfoliate your skin. Immediately after I can see how smooth and hydrated my skin is. The Witch Hazel is a watery consistency and has rose extract in it. It smells so dang good! I also just put some on a cotton ball and put it all over my face and neck. If you struggle with a lot of redness, witch hazel is one of the best products for getting rid of that! It also helps with inflammation around acne and any irritation you may have. Both of them are alcohol free so they don’t dry out your face and they both normalize the pH balance in your skin. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, the Witch Hazel would be the way to go!

Then I use the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This stuff is like.. I want to say butter but it’s even smoother than butter. It goes on SO smooth and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. It feels like it instantly seeks into my skin. This moisturizer will last you a REALLY long time, a little goes a long way. I love that this product has collagen in it, since using it I have noticed a huge difference in the overall glow and texture of my skin. I feel like it has helped my skin elasticity get more firm too! This product is definitely a spurge, but so worth it.

The last thing I use, only at night, is my favorite product of all time that I always share and have always used. It’s my signature #dewy look. Rose Hip Oil. I have raved on and on about this for so long and it’s hard to find new words to describe how much I love it. I use 4 pumps and rub it all over my face, neck, and chest. Since it’s an oil consistency I feel like when I use this at the end, it really helps keep my skin coated and it causes the other products to seep all that goodness into my skin. I recommend doing your skincare routine at least an hour before you go to bed. If you do it right before you lay your beautiful head down on your pillow, a lot of the product is going to soak into your pillow and not your face.

Pro Tip: I do this once every 5-6 weeks. Before I tell you, don’t judge. This step has helped exfoliate my skin, get off all the dead skin, and has helped my makeup go on so much smoother. Dermaplaning. I use these Eye Brow Trimmers allllllll over my face and neck. Make sure to go with the direction of your hair, not against it, to avoid irritation. The first time I did it my face was pretty irritated and red but I put a mud mask on it and when I washed it off it was fine again. You will want to cleanse, tone, and then do this step. Then follow the steps as normal. I haven’t had a “5 o’clock” shadow or even felt my face feel stubbly when it’s growing back. That may be different for you but I haven’t experienced any of that.

Finally, I just wanted to say a few things to keep in mind or that I want to mention! First, this is what has been working for me. Everyone’s skin is different! If you try one of these and it doesn’t work for you, let me know and I will try and help you find something that does work for you. The other thing, your skin will get worse before it gets better. If you feel like you’re breaking out more, it’s working. These products can’t just suck the dirt and oil out of your pores and seal them up and have perfect skin within a week. Part of the process of a skincare routine is the dirt and oil need to come up out of your pore and this can cause a blackhead to be more prominent or a whitehead to pop up overnight. That’s normal! Just keep sticking to the routine and try your best not to pick. I’m a picker so this is the hardest thing for me! But the more your dirty hands are on your open pores, the more dirt and oil will get in and the more you break out.

Finally, if you made it this far, thank you for following along my journey with this blog. I love, y’all!

xoxo, cakes

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